Living my life to the fullest. Typing code for websites, scuba diving around the world, skiing, racquetball with the gang, and a nice dark beer or glass of red wine.

Favorite Quote: "Nothing so conclusively proves a man´s ability to lead others as what he does from day to day to lead himself." Thomas Watson Jr.
Galapagos Hammerhead Shark

Orchard Beach Cleanup with The Scuba Sports Club. Promoting ocean conservation is one of our goals.

Galapagos Hammerhead Shark

While visiting the Galapagos Islands, I discovered my passion for documenting all the marine life that I have been lucky enough to encounter.

Fun stuff. Code samples, templates, and tutorials coming soon!

ProWeb Innovations Screen Shot

Website Design

Screen capture of my Web Design Studio´s website. Desktop View.

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All my travel adventures are documented on Flickr. Places I have traveled to, and had the opportunity to scuba dive range from the Galapagos Islands to Malaysia.

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Galapagos Islands Video

Back in 2008 my wife and I traveled with six other friends to Ecuador´s famous Galapagos Islands, for a one week stay onboard the Aggressor II, a live aboard boat that specializes in scuba diving. The video not only includes spectacular footage from Wolf and Darwin Islands, but also from land excursions where we saw sea lions, blue footed boobies, turtles, and so much more. No wonder Darwin learned so much here.

Malaysia Scuba Video

In 2011 I was lucky enough to travel with my friends from Scuba Travel Ventures to stay with Borneo Divers on Mabul, a small island off the south–eastern coast of Sabah in Malaysia. Most of our diving was done around Mabul, best know for its "muck diving", and Sipadan, located in the Celebes Sea.

Google´s Data Highlighter

I made this video tutorial of the Data Highlighter Tool, available in Google Webmaster Tools last year when it was first released. At the time it only supported structured data for Events. Recently in the spring of 2013 the added support for the following types.

  • Articles
  • Local Businesses
  • Restaurants
  • Products
  • Software Applications
  • Movies
  • TV Episodes